Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions




All items purchased on another project is covered by the Danish Sale Of Goods laws. This gives you a 24 months to complain about the item.

As customer you can complain about defects and deficiences that arise within 24 months of the purchase.


However , if the the defects, deficiences, or wear or tear are due to negligent use or lack if maintenance or because of normal wear and tear your right to complain is renounced.


Another project does not cover shipping fees in case of a complaint.

Remember to have your receipt for your purchase in these matters.

You can complain by contacting us via email on : info@anotherproject.dk

Here you will receive further instruction. Customerservice needs to be contacted before shipping the item.

Items must be send to :


Carl Jensens Vej 8

8260 Viby J